DyeNamic Sock!

So I was telling you last time about my friend Kim who is awesome and happens to dye wool. She was looking for sample socks, and I gave it a whirl and tried making Monkey socks.



It was my first shot at them and I have since cast on a different DyeNamic Yarn (black, pink and lime!) also using Monkey. Those ones I’ll probably be keeping for myself!

The pattern look complicated but it’s honestly way easier than it looks and is a welcome change from a ‘safe’ standard sock. The wool is very nice and super easy to work with.

You’ll be seeing me again soon with my latest collection of stitch markers and possibly my other Monkey Sock.

Stay Fabulous,


DyeNamic Yarn!

Very recently, my friend Kim opened an Etsy store. She hand-dyes wool in every which kind of way and is very talented. I’m so happy for her!

She gave me a ball to knit a sample sock.


Even her labels are awesome. I’ll come back and show it off to you when I’m finished!

Five in Paris

My annual sweater is in the works. I’m making $5 in Paris. It cost a little more than that for me but still on the cheap. I got the black tweed Artful Yarns, and the dark teal one is Loops & Threads Luxury Wool from Michaels that I got on clearance.


It’s a top down which is new to me since I’m more of a cardigan dame myself. I must admit that trying it on as I go is a huge pain in the butt, but a no sew sweater has its own advantages.
Sorry for no links but I’m writing this from my phone so Young Me would still be mighty impressed.

Spinning Mermaid

So way back when, I was in a Christmas swap on Ravelry. After some postal setbacks, I finally received my fluff!

spinning mermaid


It is so soft and fluffy and sparkly and just perfect! There’s even fun mohair locks for my drum-carding adventures! The wooden sheep you see is a wraps per inch gauge. All in all, I was tickled pink by all my fabulous goodies. I’ll share them with you again when the spinning begins!

Now I know that Spinning Mermaid is a business, but the professional look of the batts is amazing. The label and the way she lets you know of the content, it’s just all fantastic. I can’t wait to start spinning it!

Crobots by Nelly Pailloux

Today I’m going to be telling you about the adorable Crobots by Nelly Pailloux.


What is a Crobot you may be wondering. It’s a crocheted robot, naturally, which is an adorable idea. Of all of the cute robots, I chose Zombiebot. Because of course I did.



He only took about an evening to make and a total of maybe 20 cents. One ball of yarn would probably make you 3 zombiebots, so you could start a small army.


I thought the pen spring for the popped out eye effect was wonderful. I added barley to the bottom of his body so that he would sit up on his own.

The instructions were simple, well-written and easy to follow. To be honest, that is a huge relief. Too many times I’ve tried to follow a pattern only to find it overly-complicated. Not with this though. I never had to second guess myself.

So if you’re looking to add some cuddly robots to your life, which, why wouldn’t you, pick up Crobots by Nelly Pailloux. It’s a unique and fun book that will definitely keep you busy.

[originally posted on GeekCrafts.com]


It was my 30th birthday on Wednesday. My sister is crazy talented in many ways. One of those ways is cake decorating. Check this out:


Like the TARDIS, it’s even better on the inside:


To make it better, my sister planned a surprise party for me! What a great start to 2013!

Secret Santa!

So I’m taking part in a x-mas exchange on Ravelry and I want to show you the goodies I’m sending off!

We had to send an ornament, my son inspired me by making shrink art ornaments so I got in on the fun!


Next up I made a 3oz batt using merino, sari silk, soy silk, firestar, mohair and some mystery bits. I love love love how it turned out!

I also included a couple of stitch markers for good measure. I can’t wait for her to get it and I can’t wait to get and share whatever goodies I get! Stay tuned!

We have our family holiday, Christmakah, tomorrow. My parents are coming in from Ottawa and my brother and her wife are coming and we’ll be hanging out at my sister’s. I’ll be sure to share any fibre fun I may get!